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Welcome to  Lumen Foods' Official Web Site

"Maker of Specialty Animal Replacement Products"

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5 Lb. Special: $5.95!

For April (2007), while supplies last :
Our 5-pound Stonewall's Jerquee fines are
just $5.95 each with a 25 pound purchase.
Comes in five 5-pound bags. Order online

(Mild, Wild, Teriyaki & BBQ flavors).

Single 5-pound Stonewall's Jerquee
fines just $9.95 -- this month only . . . Order.

(Again -- Mild, Wild, Teriyaki & BBQ flavors).

Baby Nuggets : $1.49!

Also for April (2007), while supplies last :
Purchase 8 oz. bags of our delicious
Baby Nugget-sized Stonewall's Jerquee
for just $1.49! . . . Order online
or call us for details! (800) 256-2253.


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Retailers: Email your request for a free 17" x 22" Stonewall's Jerquee window display today.

Consumers: If you can't find a Lumen Foods retailer in your area, consult our wholesaler guide (also reviewable by region).

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Office: (337) 436-6748 · Fax: (337) 436-1769
Order Line: (800) 256-2253 (in continental U.S.)

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Stonewall's Grab Bag "Overs & Unders"
"Overs & unders" are retail packages that are above or below the stated net weight - making them unsuitable for retail sale. Get Stonewall's Jerquee for just $ .75 a bag (1.5 oz. average) by purchasing our "overs and unders" by the pound! [See Overs & Unders]

Stonewall's: Cajun Bacon! Stonewall's in
8 ounces
All Stonewall's Jerquee products are available in 8 oz. sizes . . .

Fabulous Discounts on Fines -- click to enlarge Get Great
Discounts on
Our "Fines"

Check Back Regularly
Specials Change Monthly

Check back regularly for great discounts on our "fines" -- the same great products, only in smaller pieces, which we make during our regular production runs. (Note: To add variety to our fines products, each package now contains "Baby Nuggets" along with smaller pieces. Please note that "Baby Nuggets" and "fines" are now one product.)
Like our regular product, "fines" can be eaten "as is," reconstituted for use in soups, casseroles, and other cooked meals, or can be microwaved for quick "hot snack" eating. See current fine offers and specials. If you have any questions, please call our home office.