Overs & Unders - Box

Overs & Unders

They come off the line - a little "over" or a little "under" weight. They can't be sold as individual bags, by law - but we can sell them "by the pound" ---- and you get the big savings!

The items below contain the very same packaged products we sell in health food stores all over the U.S. -- with one notable exception: the net weight of the bag's contents are outside the accepted "range" -- what food industry people call "overs and unders."
Most operations destroy such bags and recirculate the contents back into feed hoppers. That's a waste of material and labor -- especially since the product is still fresh, and except for weight, is the exact same product sold at full retail.
We do not warrant the weight of any individual bag within an "Overs & Unders" shipment. What we DO warrant is that the total net weight of each "Overs & Unders" box sold has a net weight that meets or exceeds the net weight listed. So, for instance, the "Two Pound" varities below are guaranteed to have two pounds of product -- regardless of how many individual bags are in the box. We don't count the bags - instead, the box is sold by ITS net weight.
In the order section below, we indicate the average number of bags that a given shipment will contain ("Avg. # Bags"). This figure is derived by dividing the stated net weight of each small bag into the net weight of each "Overs & Unders" box and rounding to the nearest whole number. This figure is provided for approximation purposes only. Note that we also provided a breakdown of individual bag cost. As you might surmise, this is derived by dividing "average bag" number into the cost of the "Orders & Unders" box.

Mix & Match: At no extra charge, we will "mix and match" the bags within an Over & Under order to give you more flavor variety. Unfortunately, you'll have to call this in to our order line (800 256-2253), since the possibilities are so endless. The "mixed" code number is 699-2-OU.

Code Description Size Avg. # Bags Avg.$ / Bag Unit Price Quantity
Code of
Overs & Unders
Two (2) Pounders
Wt. of
# of bags
in this box
Avg. Cost
per Bag
Cost of
this item
Click to
OU-SPEC Current "Over & Under" Special
(5 lbs. - sold by wt. -
about 50 bags)
1.5 oz. about 50 $ .50 $27.45
660-2-OU Stonewall's - Original "Mild" 1.5 oz. 21 $ .75 $15.75
661-2-OU Stonewall's - Original "Wild" 1.5 oz. 21 $ .75 $15.75
662-2-OU Stonewall's - "Spicy Chicken" 1.5 oz. 21 $ .75 $15.75
663-2-OU Stonewall's - "Peppy Pepperoni" 1.5 oz. 21 $ .75 $15.75
664-2-OU Stonewall's - "Teriyaki Beef" 1.5 oz. 21 $ .75 $15.75
665-2-OU Stonewall's - "Hot Pastrami" 1.5 oz. 21 $ .75 $15.75
668-2-OU Stonewall's - "BBQ Beef" 1.5 oz. 21 $ .75 $15.75

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