Non-GMO Certification This page describes what measures, including analytical testing, that Lumen Foods has gone through to ensure that those products that are marked "Non-GMO," are truly free of genetically-modified food ingredients.

  1. Examining Source Materials: There are many food ingredients for which there is no agricultural biotechnology applied (i.e. no "genetic engineering" for which a transgenic breed has been produced.) Ingredients used by Lumen Foods that falls into this category include: virtually all spices and culinary herbs (onion, garlic, ginger, allspice, corriander, paprika, sage, oregano, etc.); sugar cane derivatives (including brown sugar); acidulents and preservatives (i.e. citric acid, potassium sorbate); dehydrated vegetables; and, of course, salt. Ingredients used by Lumen Foods that require monitoring because there are GM sources include: soy flours, vegetable oil, soy sauce, yeasts and their derivatives.
  2. Non-GMO Certification: Lumen Foods has, on file for inspection at its offices, certification from those key suppliers who provide products for which GM sources are known to exist, indicating that the stock Lumen Foods is purchasing is GMO-free.
  3. Our Own Analytical Testing: Lumen Foods has had its own finished products tested, using the Eliza method, to ensure that our non-GMO designated products are, in fact, non-GMO. The analytical tests below come from Central-Hanse Analytical Laboratory, LLC in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, (whose name has recently been changed to GeneScan USA; website:, discusses their analytical methodologies at length.
Report of Analysis - Stonewall's Mild Sample (finished product)
Report of Analysis - Unfinished Product Sample Test 2 - Stonewall / Heartline / Cajun Jerky Base
Report of Analysis - Our source for soy flour, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM); March, 2000.

Which Products Are Non-GMO?
Before identifying products, we feel it is important to note that Lumen Foods services a broad spectrum of accounts, from state prison systems, to the health foods industry. We have a separate page that discusses our company's position on the debate, but suffice to say that not every product we make is made from completely Non-GMO ingredients. However, one market in particular, the natural, or health foods trade is very sensitive to this issue. (We learned that the hard way.) We respect that there are many earnest people who are genuinely concerned about the safety of their food as it relates to GMO ingredients. It became clear to us in the course of the debate that it was important that we convert to Non-GMO ingredients to serve the interests of these consumers. This we have done. Therefore, in the interest of clarity, the following Lumen Foods products are non-GMO and are so marked, either on the PDP (principal display panel) or on the chipboard display from which the product(s) is/are purchased, as of March 25, 2000:
  1. All specially marked cases of Heartline Meatless Meats, Cajun Jerky, and Stonewall's Jerquee -- and virtually all products supplied to our network of health food retailers, co-ops, and wholesale distributors.
  2. Any of the preceeding brands, when specifically requested by a retailer or reseller in any of our markets.
  3. All private label accounts which target the health foods trade, including all Spice of Life, Goldberg Meatless Meats, and Cary Brown Vegan Cuisine products.
  4. Virtually all the non-GMO textured product now available and marked as such on our virtual store.

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