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"People Are Still Having Sex -- 2020 Upgrade"
Here's an entertaining 7 minute video
that summarizes what 2020 is really about.

(Release date: 10/10/20)
his is an artistic contraction of eight months of following the "Scams of 2020" -- something I've been doing since February 2, 2020. Few people will ever take the hundreds of hours of time to read through the links or my extensive comments, so I thought I'd throw together a seven minute video just to point out the highlights. The video is a satirical, takeoff from the popular song, People Are Still Having Sex, (1991) by La Tour. Lyrics are available in English, Spanish, and German, with Russian and other languages to follow.
I'm copyrighting the words only to the extent necessary to prevent their abuse. If you ask me to use them, no reasonable request will be denied. I don't charge for this. I will only ask that you cite me as the source of the lyrics. Speaking of abuse, you can bet you ass they'll be taking this one down, so know that you can currently watch this video on
YouTube, Brighteon, and Bitchute, but I may have to find other video platforms to park it. Download the video onto your computer to share with others, because there's nobody who works for Big Tech (globalist prostitutes that they are) who's going to want you to see this video. I'm an "equal opportunity" offender, but the demonic, leftist, zombie apocalyptic, "hair-on-fire" globalist crowd will take particular offense. They always do. They could make me a victim of "cancel culture," but I've been getting that treatment for 17 years -- long before anybody ever coined the term. So I'm used to it -- no -- I'm prepared for it.

February 2, 2021 -- Exactly one year after launching my Covid blog, I made the
decision to close it down. In this video I explain why, summarizing what we learned.

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Legal Disclaimer: -- The materials -- lyrical, audio, and video -- constituting the "People Are Still Having Sex (2020 Upgrade)" presentation are intended to stimulate debate on issues related to the Coronavirus and social issues of 2020. Since this debate incorporates varying points of view, readers are cautioned to use their own judgement in whatever they read. Nothing here should be regarded as a substitute for seeking out professional medical care if and when needed. Nor are any of the comments here intended to inhibit readers from getting timely testing by authorized practitioners when needed.
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