October, 2011 -- Mike Adams (co-host of the Alex Jones show) discussed my illegal kidnapping in 2009, and its illegal underpinnings, which only came to light when I was freed in 2011. This kind of thing is emblematic of my career: in 1996 two former associates obtained civil default judgements -- (default, because I lacked the funds to defend myself) -- totally more than $200 million for alleged "slander" in connection with the release of my book, MLM Fraud (1991).
One judgement in Texas alone was for $195 million, awarded to a company that I myself founded in 1984, Nutrition for Life (originally Consumer Express). My attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana, at the time, David J. Williams, did some research. He told me, "To the best of my knowledge, that one court action constitutes the single largest civil judgement against any author in the history of written language." Such are the consequences in this age to those who speak to power. Not pretend to speak to power, but truly address the most sensitive issues of our time.
Introduction: This "blog" contains links to articles I've authored going back to 2001. Starting in January, 2020, I'm posting blog entries specifically with this site in mind. For those who aren't very familiar with my work -- and the dangers awaiting those in our time who share their thoughts without social filters, I'll refer you to the image at left. It links to an Alex Jones show, where guest host Mike Adams discusses my illegal kidnapping in 2009.
There are thousands of bloggers on the internet. Everyone thinks they have something important to say. However, at the risk of sounding pretentious, few authors in history have had to endure more serious consequences as a result of what they put into print than I have.
I'll grant you that I'm not Giordano Bruno. They haven't stripped me down naked, hung me upside down, and then burned me at the stake -- (yet). But few authors in history have had to work harder to fend off the ridiculous assertions of his or her critics.
I present these blog articles with the same purity as that brief tradition that has singularly made me so infamous.

"People Are Still Having Sex -- (The 2020 Upgrade)
A six minute summary of "2020 facts" dressed up to make it palatable.

Blog Entries for 2021
Continuing from 2020, my current events blog continues for January. On February 2, 2021, exactly one year after beginning the blog, I announced my decision to close the it down. In a follow-up video, I explain why.

August to December, 2020
My blog for 2020 has continued for the months of August, September, October, November, and December.

July, 2020
CoVid & Other Scams of 2020 (for July, 2020) -- The saga continues as CoVid segues into complete madness and mayhem as the Elite pour more funds into their Lucifierian, Max Mad scenario. The archons are having a feeding frenzy. Fun times.

June, 2020
CoVid & Other Scams of 2020 (for June, 2020) -- Again, I'm continuing with daily updates, offering my perspective on current "Coronavirus" affairs and the scams that follow.
The Curious Murder of David Dees -- What most of his friends aren't telling you / Simply because they may not know. -- Musings on my friendship and professional relationship with the single greatest political illustrator of our time. My good friend and well-known political illustrator, David Dees, died on May 31. Since I was relatively close to him, I'm going to tell you what really happened.

May, 2020
Coronavirus: News & Developments (for May, 2020) -- I'm continuing with daily updates, offering my perspective on current "Coronavirus" affairs.

Apr., 2020
Coronavirus: News & Developments (for April, 2020) -- Picking up where where I left off last month, I continue to supply the intellectual popcorn while we all "stay in place" in our front row seats, watching the complete dismantling of modern civilization. Lost in all the official disinfo are certain basic facts, the denial of which only serves to attenuate the exercise of common sense -- little things -- like the fact that influenza viruses are not contagious; that even if they were, these silly Halloween masks that everyone is wearing provide no protection against the passage of viruses that are so infinitesimally small you need an electron microscope to even see them; that CoVid-19, like the influenza flu pandemics before it, is an "electromagnetic adaptation disease," which means -- among other things -- that it is impossible to produce a vaccine that would protect you against it; that the number of people who will die from hunger, malnutrition, and suicide in response of governmental enforcement actions around the world to this CV is orders of magnitude greater than the actual number of people who will die from the virus itself; that this pandemic is so fake and fraudulent, the CDC (and presumably other agencies around the world like it) are threatening medical workers to list Coronavirus as the cause of death, even when it is obvious to any clinician that it isn't; that the mainstream media and Big Tech have outdone themselves in proving that they truly are "the enemy of the People." If you took away all the fraud and misrepresentation from this CV phenomenon, our world would not be vaguely recognizable. Humanity is staring at its darkest hour.

Mar., 2020
"No Test, No Tell": An Unspoken Coronavirus Contradiction (March 28, 2020) -- The disincentivization to tell the truth is the real pandemic.
Orwellian Email Censorship: More Out of Control Than Ever (Mar. 5, 2020) -- It was bad before, now it's gotten much worse.
Don't Test, Don't Tell -- An Unspoken Coronavirus Contradiction (Mar. 28, 2020) -- Some reflections on my own encounter with CoVid-19, and some reflections as I continue to follow what I honestly believe to be the single greatest hoax in the history of Modern Civilization.
Coronavirus: News & Developments (for March, 2020) -- Picking up from where I left off last month, the ever engrossing tale of that mysterious bioweapon we now call Co-Vid19 continues.

Feb., 2020
Coronavirus: Truth vs. Medical Propaganda (Feb. 1, 2020) --- Like everything else they feed us, the trick is separating fact from fiction.
Coronavirus: News & Developments (Feb. 2-Feb. 29, 2020) --- Important updates from associates who are actually in China and risking everything to get the truth out to the larger world.
Coronavirus: Essential Self-Defense: (Feb. 8, 2020) --- What to take to protect yourself and loves ones during this and other viral threats -- whether natural or artificial. This is particularly important now that it's apparent that there will be no end to these man-made bio-weapons, designed to scare the hell-pants off the general public.
The AMA "Seal of Approval" Scam: A Perfect Metaphor for Modern Medicine --- (Feb. 9, 2020)
Musings on Hopi Eschatology: Coronavirus as a WWIII Precursor --- (Feb. 14, 2020)
Omens Even Diehard Atheists Cannot Ignore --- (Feb. 19, 2020)

Jan., 2020
Medical "Science" in Retreat (Jan. 1, 2020) --- The British Medical Journal (BMJ) publically proclaims that scientific studies funded by Big Pharma are no longer reliable. Public funding, the Journal says, should not come from the public. For years, people scoffed when I said that orthodox medicine was shot through with disinformation. Those of us who took this position were the ones who looked like oddballs and "conspiracy theorists" . . . Well not anymore.
Acceptance: When Those We Love Don't Want to Heal -- (they've had enough of this world -- they're ready to leave) -- This was actually an article I wrote that was incorporated into a mailout special. It discusses the passing of three special friends: Michel Blanchard, George Green, and Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Interestingly, they left just before the onset of the Coronavirus affair. I suspect on some level, they knew what was coming and they just didn't want to stick around.
Hoxsey's Success at Curing Cancer Finally Declassified (Jan. 17, 2020) -- I knew that YouTube would pull this revealing video as soon as I saw the title. I just didn't know it would happen minutes after I finished watching it. It did, however, survive long enough for me to take a snapshot of it, and post my thoughts on this latest tidbit of censorship of any and all LEGITIMATE alternative health care modalities.
Effective Cancer Cure Discovered at Cardiff University (Jan. 25, 2020) -- Can't let this one out of the bag, now can we? No, no, no! Let's see how long it takes to suppress this one . . . Ok, wait . . . let me get out my stopwatch.
Chemtrails, CoronaVirus & The Transparency of Fake Narratives (Jan. 28, 2020) -- The parade of official lunacy appears to have no end.
Facebook Is Now So Determined To Ban Free Thought, They're Censoring Private Messages (Jan. 31, 2020) -- As I've said repeatedly, the censorship is getting worse. This comports with my own experience.