How You Can Support My Work
There are several ways you can support our work -- some of them involving the purchase of products you already buy now, but at our discounted prices. I have never asked for outright donations, nor do I own a Patreon account because I object to their heavy-handed censorship and left-wing bias.
Nor do I use GoFundMe.
I only ask that you consider directing business my way that displaces purchases you may be making elsewhere. I provide details below:

Our Herb Shop: Since 1995 Alpha Omega Labs has been providing quality health care products, many of them unobtainable anywhere else. We maintain an international storefront and a separate sales site for the U.S.. Additionally, we have an informational site with over 3,000 pages. There are over 200 products on our sales sites, but here is a list of 10 of the best-selling and best loved of our products.
Although we charge for our products, our practitioners do not charge for their consultations. All consultations are free.
Our customer service email is:

My Bookstore: This website contains its own bookstore, which sells my last four books in both digital and paperback formats:

The Gospel of 2012 According to Ayahuasca (2012)
The Joys of Psychopathocracy (2017)
Living on the Precipice (2018)
Black Salve (2019)

I am currently in discussions with other like-minded authors to add their titles, as well. One of my books, Black Salve (2019) can only be purchased here, as it has been banned by Amazon and most other booksellers -- under pressure from Big Pharma interests.

Cooperative Ventures: Over the last couple of years, we've done a number of cooperative ventures and private label deals in relationship with our work with South American herbals, in which we are deeply involved. Entrepreneurial ideas and projects can be discussed with me by writing to:
Lastly we do have a program for those wishing to visit Ecuador, where you can get as much as 90% or more off of your medical and dental procedures -- (this is not ) and also for those wishing to take entheogenic vision quests with ayahuasca, San Pedro, vilca, yopo, magic mushrooms, and other entheogenic tools.