"People Are Still Having Sex -- (The 2020 Upgrade)
A six minute summary of "2020 facts" dressed up to make it palatable. Posted 12 Oct 2020.
(You'll find the video addictively entertaining, even if you don't agree with me on every point.)

Remainder of 2020
As I have since February, I continue to make daily blog entries through 2020 for CoVid, the social unrest movement, and other scams with which 2020 is being defined. The current month and previous months' blog entries link from my blog page.

January, 2020
With so many of my articles and written works spread out all over various domains, I decided to put everything together in one blog space. This one is -- appropriately, I think -- entitled, "Rabbit Hole's End -- The Blog". This is where I'll be posting all future essays and announcements of note.

June, 2019

Ecuador, June 28, 2018 -- Yesterday, we launched the digital edition of Black Salve, which I felt was necessary to publish at this time because of the massive amount of disinformation circulating about escharotic preparations that have used for hundreds of years to cure -- not treat, cure -- cancers and other medical conditions. When Cathryn and I launched Alpha Omega Labs online in 1995, we had no idea the opposition we'd face -- and we were not ignorant to the official suppressive of inexpensive, effective, natural cures. We already knew that conventional medicine was unspeakably corrupt. But, again, as Alan Watts used to say, "every concept has its degrees of intensity." Does it ever.
The first quarter of the book consists plenty of instructive information so that even a novice can use escharotics successfully and with minimal discomfort. The last three-quarters is packed with appendices that I hope people will take the time to read. I inserted Chapters 1, 2, and 4 of Meditopia into the appendix section, because even though there is an earlier version of this material online, with updates and corrections in my previous book, Living on the Precipice, I consider this material vital to a proper understanding of "black salve."
The book opens with a Forward by integrative physician, Bradford S. Weeks (M.D.), who worked clinically with escharotics for years and is illustrated by David Dees. [ 351 pages ]. The digital edition of the book is now available on this site's online store. The beginning of the book, including Table of Contents, Forwards, Introduction and Chapter One are reviewable here as an introduction [PDF].

February, 2018

Ecuador, February 15, 2018 -- Last Monday (Feb. 12) I flew to Mexico to participate as a speaker at Anarchapulco 2018, where I was invited to speak. The subject of my presentation was my newest book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy. (See speaker's list; also see my flight itinerary and hotel reservation and Mexico customs declaration form, where I made it clear that I was entering Mexico to participate as a speaker at the conference.)
As I went through immigration in Mexico City, where I would connect with my flight to Acapulco, I was pulled off the line. I was then taken to a small room where it was made clear that I would not be allowed to enter Mexico because of "asuntos legales pendientes" (pending legal issues) in the United States. Shortly thereafter, I was presented with a large stack of legal documents, and told that I had to sign everywhere on the forms where a signature was solicited. I was not allowed to read the documents. I was not allowed to possess any copies of these documents. This was made clear to me, as I speak sufficiently good Spanish to have determined this. So even now, I have no earthly idea what it is that I signed. It was never intended that I know.
I spent the next 12 hours in a detention cell until I was allowed to board a flight back to Ecuador, which left Mexico City at 1:20 a.m. I arrived back in Quito at 6:22 a.m., local time, one hour ahead of Mexico City time. As I write this, my luggage is sitting in Acapulco, so I had to file a claim).
Upon arriving in Quito, the first thing that immigration asked me was, "What happened in Mexico?" I was detained for four hours while Ecuadorean officials looked into the matter. In fact, I was still in immigration talking to police officials long after all other passengers had long since departed. This is what the officials I spoke with shared with me: the reason I have travelled by air within Ecuador for years without a problem is because the Interpol matter I detail exhaustively in Meditopia had long since been buried as adjudicated. However, just prior to my flying to Mexico, my old information was reinserted, as if it was a new Interpol filing. There are no "pending" legal issues. What was not a problem before was now coming onscreen, which meant that this was a targeted hit by someone in Washington.
I am assuming that either someone didn't want me to speak in Mexico, or someone is enjoying messing with my life, as they did in 2009, or both.