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Lumen Foods For Sale: $380,000*
Updated: December 22, 2006

Stonewall's Jerquee:  The Best-Selling Vegetarian Jerky in
 the U.S.
The purpose of this Business Plan, given that the principals of Lumen Foods have recently decided to sell the business, is to provide selected parties (primarily prospective buyers) the opportunity to take a closer look at the operation. The links at right will take you to more specific areas of the Plan -- all of which serve to take the reader through due diligence fundamentals, though we know that no degree of thoroughness is expected to obviate in-depth discussions with Company management.
All financial statements are through July 31, 2006 (close of 2005-2006 fiscal year). If you have any questions, please email me personally at or fax me via the internet. I respond to all investment-related queries promptly. We appreciate your interest in our work at Lumen Foods.
Cathryn Caton / Present, Herbologics
Cathryn Caton
Herbologics, Ltd.

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News: Dec., 2006
Lumen Foods will be attending the upcoming Expo West (March 9-11, 2007), during which it will introduce the re-packaging of its Stonewall's Jerquee line; and the latest line extension to the franchise, Tandoori Chicken. See show announcement on our opening home page.